WANA (Nov 12) -“For the sake of …” song which was sung for the first time by a person in Iran named Shervin Hajipour, soon became the anthem of the protesters in the recent events and after the death of Mahsa Amini.

This song was sung in different versions by two political factions of Iran up to now, but the latest version of this song was sung by a number of Afghan girls who talk about their pain.

In this clip, Afghan girls warn Iranian girls not to be deceived by western media. They warn that Iranian girls should learn from the fate of Afghanistan and not allow the West to dominate their country.


For The Girl Next Door ( My Neighbor)

For the fear in each and every moment
For despair till decay
For the explosion and blood of my sister
Forced , kissing enemy soldiers
For all the displacement and poverty
For a wish to sleep in peace
For a country that became a U.S militray base
For these forced marriages
For lecherous dirty looks ( evil eye)
For alleys and worn-bullet shrapnels
For our land and it’s extinction
For pleasure and forbidden trips
For the nonsens talk of useless celebrities
For the mother who is missed at this moment
For the foe who smiles
I wrote to you for the future
For you, the girl next door ( my neighbor)
Don’t let your home get ruined like ours18
Don’t let your dreams like our stories
Don’t let war happen in your country
They want you to become a tool with an empty promises
They want you to be a slave with a fake culture
For coercion and conqure
They want to destroy iranian roots
For safety ,education , khowledge(wisdom)
For men , loyalty, prosperity
Because they expect your civilization
For<< the woman, living , conciousness>>
For the conciousness
For the conciousness