WANA (Dec 01) – During his trip to Kurdistan province today, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi had a meeting with the families of the security defender martyrs of this province and a number of wounded veterans of the recent riots, and called the brutality of the founders and main perpetrators of the recent riots reminiscent of the behaviour of ISIS and emphasised, “Security is the red line of the Islamic Republic of Iran and all those who have committed murder and injury to people and security forces in recent cases must be brought to justice”.


The President introduced the families of the martyrs as a source of honour and dignity of the Islamic Republic of Iran and said, “The martyrs and veterans gave their most valuable and important assets, i.e. their lives, on the path of the divine test, and therefore they got a passing grade in their test”.


Dr Raisi said, “Providing double service to the grateful and supporting people is the exam of the officials, in which I hope we will get a passing grade”.


Ayatollah Raisi added, “We should all appreciate the blood of the martyrs and the sacrifice of the veterans who, if it were not for their selflessness, bravery and courage, no one would have known what the brutality of the rioters would do to the people and the country”.


The President stressed that security is the red line and the most important and central issue for every society and country, and no people or country will allow anyone to jeopardise their security.
Dr Raisi also met with the families of some of the victims of the recent riots in Kurdistan province and while listening to their words, he stressed that you can be sure that all necessary measures will be taken to identify the perpetrators of death and the killers of their loved ones.


The President said, “The current that was always hostile to the Islamic Republic and tried to make Kurdistan unsafe in the early years of the victory of the Islamic Revolution tried to take advantage of the recent wave of excitement to once again destroy the security of Kurdistan, which was obtained by shedding very precious bloods, but the people caused their failure by standing up”.


Ayatollah Raisi emphasised the importance of establishing complete security in the province and stated, “Be sure that there will be no compromise in identifying those who caused the death of your loved ones”.


President Dr. Ebrahim Raisi met with the people of Kurdistan. President office – 01.Dec.2022 / WANA News Agency

  • Kurdistan the land of self-sacrifices of people, supporters of the Islamic Revolution

Speaking in the inauguration ceremony of water supply project in Sanandaj during his trip to Kurdistan province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi thanked all those involved in the implementation of this project and said, “The Popular Administration announced from the beginning that it does not seek to start a new project and it focuses on completing the backlog of work, the incompleteness of which hurts people”.


The President added, “The Popular Administration is seriously following the fulfilment of other demands of the people of Kurdistan province, including the connection of the railway line, so that it can be achieved as soon as possible, and I will personally continue the provincial trips and field inspections until all the problems are resolved”.


Dr Raisi cited the shortening of the completion time of the water supply project to Sanandaj as an example of revolutionary work and stated, “We believe that the same model and method can be followed in other parts of the country so that things can be completed faster”.


In another part of his speech, the President described Kurdistan as the land of silent efforts, which has witnessed the self-sacrifices of the people and supporters of the Islamic Revolution, and stated, “Kurdistan is the land of the resistance of the people against the anti-revolutionary groups and the ill-wishers of the Islamic Revolution”.


Ayatollah Raisi stated that in the recent cases and riots, the enemies made a shameful miscalculation, as always, and pointed out, “The enemies thought that by inciting some discontents, they could once again use their efforts to make Kurdistan unsafe, as in the early years of the revolution, but they were unaware of the fact that the seedlings of the Islamic revolution in Kurdistan and other parts of the country have become a strong and bright tree that does not even tremble with these winds and adversities”.


Praising the unity and cohesion of the country, especially in provinces like Kurdistan, where Sunnis and Shiites live peacefully together and do not give the enemy a chance to invade, the President said, “Kurdistan is the homeland of the warriors and brave people. The enemy should know that today’s generation, like their fathers and mothers, resists conspiracies and neutralises them”.


The President considered the most important issue of the country today, especially for the officials and agents, to serve the people honestly and stated, “What has angered the enemy is that today a project that should have been implemented over several years was implemented in a few months”.


Ayatollah Raisi stated, “The recent turmoil was because the enemy wants to stop the fast-moving train of the country’s progress in various fields, but the country’s officials, with the help and support of the people, should not allow this train to stop moving”.


Referring to the country’s progress in various scientific and technological fields, the increase in oil and non-oil exports, the revival of Iran’s share in regional trade, the expansion of the country’s relations with its neighbours and the world, and the launch of production wheels in the country, the President stated, “We must use all these developments on the path of solving the country’s problems, and people’s lives, creating employment and eliminating unemployment in order to neutralise the enemy’s conspiracies”.


The President emphasised, “The authorities should note that the text and principle of their work is to serve the people sincerely and they should never allow this text to be marginalised”.

Source: president office