WANA – After accepting the resignation of Dr. Ali Salehabadi, the government board elected Dr. Mohammad Reza Farzin as the new CEO of the Central Bank of Iran.


Simultaneously with the intensification of currency fluctuations in recent weeks, there were rumors of Salehabadi’s farewell from the Central Bank, and finally Salehabadi left that position today.

Central Bank of Iran

Mohammad Reza Farzin new chief of Iran Central bank (right) and Ali Salehabadi (left) – Social Media / WANA News Agency

Following the unprecedented increase in foreign exchange rates in the past few days, many criticisms were directed at the director of the Central Bank of Iran and Dr. Ebrahim Raisi’s government.


This volume of criticism of the government’s currency performance has been unprecedented. Opponents are using the situation to weaken the state. Iranian reformists think they can attract people to their side by spreading censure and discrediting the current government.


Hassan Rouhani’s government, as one of the weakest governments since the revolution, which has been supported by Iranian reformists, has not had a good track record in the management of foreign exchange rates.

President of Iran, Seyed Ebrahim Raisi – WANA (West Asia News Agency). / President office

The reformist in Iran are happy with the failure of the government to control the exchange rate to justify the ineffectiveness of their own government. Undoubtedly, the current state of the market is considered a failure for president Raisi but it does not necessarily make people tend to the opposite side.


Ayatollah Raisi emphasized that the new Governor General of the Central Bank should use the advice of all experts.


The complete coordination of the government’s economic team, regarding the strict implementation of economic policies to stabilize the exchange rate, reduce inflation and seriously monitor the performance of banks was the order of president Raisi as well.