Head of the Iran-China friendship association Allaedin Boroujerdi said on Monday that Iran and China always have been iron-willed to expand bilateral relations.


Boroujerdi attended the Chinese Embassy on Monday and signed the memorial book of the Former President of the People’s Republic of China Jiang Zemin and expressed condolences of the Iran-China friendship association to the people and government of the People’s Republic of China to the ambassador of China to Iran Chang Hua.


Referring to the existing iron-willed between Iran and China, Boroujerdi called for strengthening bilateral relations.

Pointing to the deep-rooted relations between Iran and China, he highlighted that today’s friendly and strategic ties between the two countries are a continuation of the path and objectives of the policies of Jiang Zemin’s presidency, and relations between the two states have been expanding since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in the past decades.


Iran and China’s relations are stable, he said, adding that the 25-year strategic agreement between the two states has entered a new phase of relations.