Iran’s Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister, Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, stated that the recently signed Iran-Venezuela media agreement is an effective step towards countering their shared enemies’ media invasions.

During his Friday meeting with Venezuela’s Minister of Communication and Information and the Vice-President for Culture and Tourism, Freddy Alfred Nazareth, Esmaili presented a report on broad media activities in Iran.

Esmaili said that the global oppression system’s media disseminates large-scale and fake news to harm the will and resistance power of the Iranian nation since the Islamic Revolution’s victory.

In recent months, their media campaign has intensified during their hybrid war against the Iranian nation. However, the Iranian nation has dismantled all their hatched plots.

Esmaili added, “Iran and Venezuela, despite their geographical distance from each other, have lots of shared interests, and are side-by-side each other, like two real neighbors, and they are, of course, both targeted by the global oppression system.”

The Venezuelan vice-president also stated that the mental proximity of the two nations and their shared viewpoints about imperialism and western media and cultural invasion make it possible to establish different foundations for broadening cooperation.

“The rich cultures and national identities and beliefs of our countries have mightily dismantled many strong plots of the enemies,” said Freddy Alfred Nazareth.

On the first day of his visit to Venezuela, Esmaili had an interview with that country’s Telesur TV and visited the different sections of that TV network.


SOURCE: Tasnim