A senior Iranian Army commander warned the enemies that violating the country’s territorial integrity will draw a devastating military response, referring to the successful operations practiced during a massive joint war game conducted in southeast of Iran.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Zolfaqar 1401 joint drills, Deputy Chief of the Iranian Army for Coordination Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said around 200 tactical exercises have been conducted in the war game, including various missile tests.

The commander said the large-scale drill, held in an area stretching from the eastern part of the Strait of Hormuz to the northern tip of the Indian Ocean, indicates the Army’s capability to protect Iran’s territorial integrity and independence.

The Army’s success in staging this war game reminds the enemies that whenever and wherever they make a move against Iran’s territorial integrity, they will be given a response that will make them regret it, he added.

The Army’s infantry and armored units as well as mechanized regiments of the Ground Force, air defense systems, subsurface, surface and flying vessels and rangers of the Navy have taken part in the war game. Strategic bombers of the Air Force have also provided logistical support.

The drill is aimed at improving planning skills, conducting, directing and evaluating joint operations and synergizing the defense power of the Army’s four main divisions.


SOURCE: Tasnim