The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps expressed his forces’ readiness to give training to various units of the Iraqi military forces.

In a meeting with Iraqi Minister of Defense Thabet Muhammad Al-Abbasi in Tehran, IRGC Commander Major General Hossein Salami called for the promotion of military, defense and security cooperation between Tehran and Baghdad.

Stressing the need to protect Iraq’s unity and integrity, the Iranian commander said the IRGC is prepared to offer advisory assistance to Iraq, exchange its experiences and achievements in the fight against terrorism, and provide training for the Iraqi armed forces, including the low-level and high-level military units.

Highlighting the importance of “stable, safe and strong neighbors” for Iran, General Salami said while the Islamic Republic favors a mighty Iraq, the Americans and the Zionists seek to dominate the region and create insecurity in Iraq and Iran.

Insecurity would prevail wherever the US is present, he warned, adding that the logic behind Iran’s push for the expulsion of American forces from the region is that the oppressed regional people have to pay the price for the US’ opportunistic policies.

For his part, the Iraqi defense minister called for the enhancement of cooperation with Iran as the government in Baghdad is determined to strengthen the Arab country’s defense power.

Calling for closer interaction with Iran to tighten security along the common border, Abbasi said Iraq is eager to use Iran’s experiences in the military and defense spheres.

Iraq is willing to dispatch expert and technical teams to Iran for training cooperation, he stated.


SOURCE: Tasnim