The secretary general of Iran Headquarters for Campaign against Drug Trafficking said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has received no international assistance in fighting narcotics transit.

Speaking to IRNA, Eskandar Momeni said that no financial support has been provided by international organizations to Iran to fight drug transit and the country has been alone in this regard.

Referring to the international bodies’ reports that Iran ranks first in discovering narcotics and a significant distance from other countries, he said that not only countries and international organizations do not help Iran in this field, but sometimes they even threw a wrench in this issue.

Earlier, Momeni elaborated on Iran’s moves and achievements in its comprehensive campaign against narcotic drugs trafficking, arguing that the Islamic Republic of Iran managed to launch about 5,000 operations, many of which included armed engagements with over 2,300 active local, regional and international drug networks.

“We have also inflicted heavy losses on them by launching a campaign against money laundering by resorting to related laws and appropriate monetary apparatus,” he added.

He said that in those operations some 1,100 tons of various types of narcotics and psychedelic drugs, inclusive of 62 tons of heroin and morphine, 835 tons of opium, 125 tons of hashish, and 25 tons of methamphetamine, were confiscated and eliminated, in which 14 of the best officers of Iran were martyred, while 26 other officers, too, were martyred in clashes with armed bandits and terrorists.