WANA (Nov 20) – Iran’s national football team left Tehran last week to participate in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Iran, as the second team after the host of the tournament, did not go through a difficult path to enter the 32 selected football teams of the world. The Iranian football team entered this round of the world competition with the least amount of defeats. In Asia, one of the prominent teams is Iran’s football team, but it has not been able to make a surprise in the world football tournament. Will this expectation be realized in Qatar?


The political atmosphere these days in Iran has disturbed the mental condition of the Iranian national team to some extent, but the coaches and officials are trying hard to raise the spirits of the national team and distance them from the political pressures of the s of the Islamic Republic of Iran. MORE


In the farewell ceremony of the national team, Dr.  Ebrahim Raisi, President of Iran called to trust in God Almighty as the key to success and victory in difficult fields and stated, “When you make the hearts of the Iranian people and the Islamic Iran your goal, as well as the honor and pride of this country, you must know that God Almighty will not withhold His care and support from you”.


A banner in support of Iran’s national football team is seen in Vali-e-asr Square in Tehran, Iran November 20, 2022. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)

The cons of Iran’s government, especially those who live outside of Iran, have long used all their efforts to push FIFA to sanction Iran’s football in any way possible. This demand of the opponents has not been accepted by international sports institutions. The disillusionment of the opponents after this failure to boycott the Iranian football team has brought them into a new phase, which is to weaken the spirits of the players. They are trying to insinuate that this team is not the national team of Iran and is not desired by the people of Iran. A spectrum inside Iran is following the same line as external propaganda.

Who wanted to boycott Iranian football with what reasons and motivations?

  • Extremists and separatists inside Iran follow the same line along with outside groups who want to overthrow the government of Iran.
  • Farsi-language channels based overseas, as anti-Iranian propaganda arms, benefited the most politically from the boycott of Iran’s football team. During this period, they tried their best to force FIFA and other international sports organizations to boycott Iranian sports. An attempt that was not successful, but to some extent caused the anger and hatred of Iranians towards these people.
  • Rivals of the Iranian national team in the Qatar World Cup. For example, England is cleverly trying to weaken the spirit of the Iranian football team by highlighting Iran’s internal issues in the press conferences of the players and coach as well as in other outlets.


A Symbol of the FIFA World Cup is seen in a street in Tehran, Iran November 20, 2022. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)


​Apart from all the recent events in Iran, Tehran, as the capital of the Persian nation, has prepared itself to support the Iranian national football team in the world championships in Qatar. Tehran municipality has placed football symbols in different parts of the town and made the urban atmosphere football-like.


Our findings indicate that the number of supporters of the policy of supporting the Iranian national football team is much more than the opponents of that policy. Even many of those who have differences with the government are against the boycott of Iran’s national football team. Many reformists, supporters of the West, the opposition of the Islamic Republic, and even many of those who are protesting in the streets of Iran these days, did not want to implement the policy of creating restrictions for the Iranian national football team. Of course, the number of supporters of the Iranian national team boycott was not small, but only their voices were heard loudly, while their numbers ​were not in the majority.


WANA / Social media

Qatar has opposed the entry of journalists from Persian-language media who are against the Islamic Republic of Iran to cover world football matches until this date. According to what the Iranian government claims, These media like Iran International Channel, BBC Persian, Manoto 1 and VOA Persian and some other Persian outlets are working against Iran’s interests with the financial support of Saudi Arabia, Israel​,​ and Western services. Probably the Qatari authorities have come to the conclusion that these people are not coming to Qatar to cover an important sports event but to cause political trouble.


On the other hand, these days it is said that due to the good relations between Iran and Qatar, if the reporters of these anti-Iranian government media are present in that country, the Iranian security service will kidnap them , and therefore the new phase of the aforementioned media after the failure to being in Qatar, they highlighted this possible kidnapping story.




Symbols of the FIFA World Cup are seen in Azadi Square in Tehran, Iran November 20, 2022. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)