The recent unrest in Iran took place not to defend women’s rights but to weaken the country’s national authority, an official believes.


Mohammad Dehghan, Vice-President for Legal Affairs, said on Sunday that the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran literally protects the rights of women, while the West, which claims to be supporter of human rights and women’s rights, has the worst record in violation of the women’s rights.


In the recent unrest in Iran, women from all walks of life and with different political backgrounds stood against perilous plots hatched by the enemies, the official said.


Contrary to the liberal and retrograde ways of thinking, which promote materialistic and violent approach towards women, Islam and the Shia sect respect the position of women, he noted.


The Islamic Republic pursues the tradition and performances of the main figures of the holy religion when it comes to observing the importance position of women, he said, adding that women are active in high-ranking management positions in Iran.


The statistics of women’s participation in higher education, administrative positions as well as contribution to the generation of science and technology in the country prove the fact that the Islamic system in Iran attaches significance to the female citizens, Dehghan argued.


Referring to guidelines made by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, he noted that people’s hijab should not be source of judgement on their stance towards the Revolution, and that the pro-US elements cannot weaken religious identity of the Iranians.