The United States misuses international organizations, human rights, and women’s rights in order to put pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to reach its desired goal, an Iranian lawmaker said.


Fereydoun Abbasi told IRNA on Sunday that following World War II, a new mechanism of international interaction was formed and the West used international entities to dominate the world, so they have been ruling the institutes for nearly 70 years and are now resorting to the organizations to advance their goals instead of using colonial methods.


Every country in the world, which follows the Westerners’ hegemonic policies, will be exempted from the West’s accusations, even if the state violates human rights, but an independent country like Iran is always being accused of such issues, the legislator noted.


The Islamic Revolution in Iran helped the country get rid of the US and the UK dominance, he said, adding that the decision-making headquarters on the Iranian nation moved from Washington to Tehran; therefore, the West is unhappy with the Islamic country and has been pursuing regime change in Iran via coup and war.


According to the MP, the independence and progress of the Iranians proved that a country can resolve its own problems without relying on the West, and this issue is not agreeable to the US; thus, the American authorities imposed economic sanctions on the Iranian nation, but they did not reach the expected result and put pressures relating to human rights issues on agenda.


In the UN Human Rights Council, the Western powers condemned the Islamic Republic on the recent unrest and questioned the judicial system in Iran, while they are expected to avoid interfering in internal affairs of other countries, he added.


The enemies do not want to witness progress in Iran, so they resort to new scenarios to harm the Islamic establishment, but the Iranian nation will stand against the plots by resorting to vigilance and empathy.