who we are

We co-work with professionals for more than three decades, helping each other to gain valuable experiences in the field of media. Being accustomed to news business in Iran and our accessibility is our main asset, as along with our clients.

WANA (West Asia News Agency) has been established to present best services to foreign media and press. We have covered most important events in Iran and are proud of being known as a professional, credible and hardworking team among other media offices in the country. It is obvious that 30 years of continuous work in various fields of news and documentaries, is your guarantee to place trust in us. WANA have also obtained all required licenses and permits of media activity in Iran. You may contact us for more information. CONTACT US


Reza Ganji
CEO & Founder

- AP Television News (USA) Bureau chief and Senior Producer in Iran.
- WTN- World Television News (UK) Producer.
- Reuters-TIMA (UK) Bureau Chief in Iran.
- Experience of working with many major media outlets around the world.
- Media Expert.
- Political Analyst.
- WANA CEO & Founder.

Amir Hossein Dadkhah
Senior Cameraman and head of video department

- Al Ettejah,Inews (Iraq) channel cameraman and editor in Iran.
- Asia TV (Lebanon) Cameramn.
- Reuters-TIMA cameraman and Editor in Iran.
-WANA cameraman and head of video department.

Nazanin Tabatabaei
Head of Photo Department & Photographer

- Art professor.
- Polaris Images agency photographer.
-TIMA-Reuters news agency photographer.
- Corporation with Iranian news agencies and newspapers.
- Nominated for World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass 2015 and 2018.
- WANA,Head of Photo Department & Photographer

Naser Safarzadeh
Cameraman and coordinator

- TIMA Coordinator.
- TIMA- Reuters cameraman.
- BBC4 & 2 Documentaries coordinator.
- WANA Cameraman & Coordinator

WANA producer

WANA (West Asia News Agency) . Will be updated soon.

News monitor officer

WANA (West Asia News Agency) . Will be updated soon.


WANA cooperates with several freelance cameramen to cover video in various events and occasions.


WANA cooperates with several freelance photographers providing photo coverage of different events.