WANA produces content based on your needs and requests and delivers them to you in a convenient manner. Our experienced team utilizes up-to-date news technologies to provide access to videos of every event taking place in Iran. Our prime access nationwide guarantees that WANA will provide the best services. Furthermore, we have collected a rich and diverse archive accessible to you through booking by date and subject, and WANA will promptly deliver the requested materials.

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  • Contact WANA Service Department
  • With WANA’s help, you can find your reporter in Iran
  • Creating a suitable environment for the reporters
  • Covering the events in WANA/NEWS & FEATURE
  • Editing & sending the package to you in the shortest time
  • You or your team can come to Iran with the help of WANA to cover the events
  • Contact us to obtain news visa.
  • WANA producers will make arrangements for interviews here in Iran.


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