All those who committed murder, insecurity in recent riots will be brought to justice

During his trip to Kurdistan province today, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi had a meeting with the families of the security defender martyrs of this province and a number of wounded veterans of the recent riots, and called the brutality of the founders and main perpetrators of the recent riots reminiscent of the behaviour of ISIS and emphasised, “Security is the red line of the Islamic Republic of Iran and all those who have committed murder and injury to people and security forces in recent cases must be brought to justice

Islamic hijab in an aura of ambiguity

WANA (Nov 30) – The type of women’s clothing in Iran has changed since the death of Mahsa Amini and the protests that followed. These days, in the streets of Iran’s big cities, women’s dressing is not the same as before, and we see some of them in public places clothing like westerners. Walking in […]

Iran’s top court upholds death sentence for four criminals working for Israel

WANA (Nov 30) – Iran’s Supreme Court has upheld the death penalty for four members of a network of hardened criminals affiliated with Israel’s spy agencies, who sought to undermine the country’s security.   In a statement on Wednesday, the media center of the judiciary announced the final rulings against the Israel-linked network, which was […]

Seeing the match between Iran v United States

Photo by: Majid Asgaripour

two rivals in a tough competition

WANA (Nov 29) – Iran & US football match. FIFA WORLDCUP QATAR 2022. The first half of the game between Iran and America has ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of the American team. Iran lost the game to America with a score of 1-0. → Seeing the match between Iran v United […]

Which team will win? A game with different reactions

  WANA (Nov 29) –  There are only a few hours left until the match between Iran and America. In Iran, everyone is waiting for this sensitive and important game. Iranian high authorities have not yet shown a specific reaction to this game. Most likely, they do not want to complicate the work for the […]

Days without Covid-19 deaths in Iran

The latest situation of Coronavirus in Iran. Continuation of days without Covid-19 deaths in the country.

Iraq’s security is Iran’s security. Ayatollah Khamenaei

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani and his accompanying delegation met with the Leader of the Revolution this evening

Security in the region must be provided by the countries of the region. Dr. Raisi

Speaking at a joint press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi described the relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq as having deep and historical roots and stemming from the common beliefs of the two nations, and said, “The peak of these relations were manifested in the glorious Arba’een ceremony and the excellent hospitality of the Iraqi government and nation to the pilgrims of Imam Hussein (AS), especially the Iranian pilgrims, which deserves sincere appreciation”.

A damn fascinating political football

WANA (NOV 28) – At 22:30 Tehran time on November 29, an important football match between Iran and America will be held. Perhaps for Iranians, this game is more important than all the previous and even the next games. The political view of the football match between these two teams has always been dominant.   […]

The Americans modified the “Iranian flag”

  WANA (Nov 27) – The official page of the US national football team, which had posted a fake flag from Iran, was forced to correct it after Iran’s reaction and users protested.   The official page of the US national football team on Twitter had removed the word “Allah” from the Iranian flag. This […]

Approval of Iran’s accession bill to the Shanghai Organization

  WANA (Nov 27) – In today’s (Sunday, November 27) public session of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, Out of a total of 237 representatives present in the meeting, the representatives agreed with the bill for the accession of the Islamic Republic of Iran government to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization with 205 votes in favor, […]