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WANA (West Asia News Agency) professionals, equipped with three decades of experience and up-to-date technologies in the most newsworthy country of the Western Asia region (Iran), are dressed to provide high quality services 24/7, including fields of politics, economy, entertainment, culture, sports, society, and daily events. We are experienced at all aspects of content production, from covering news to making documentaries. We are honored of cooperation with the most dominant and the most influential international media centers, providing them with a wide range of services over the past 30 years. This company offers the best quality performance both cost-wise and quality-wise; in video, photo and text formats. With us, there is no more need to pay in abundance to receive news from Iran. We shall prepare and deliver most affordable news packages. CONTACT US

WANA has the capacity of covering events of considerable importance taking place in the country, thanks to its world standard camera crew, producers, photographers and editors; delivering their packages at once.


We do whatever it takes to record every significant story, and we keep our clients posted at the same time, to help them avoid missing them out. Our studio as well as our outdoor live broadcast equipment in Tehran, make it possible to provide 24/7 live programs, with experts of different topics willing to attend. Upon your request, our writers and photographers readily cover a whole range of contents together with their video formats. Stationed in central Tehran, WANA crew have prime access to focal organizations, including the Parliament, the Presidential office and the ministries.

Researching a story
Planning the coverage
Shooting the video
Editing and voicing the video
Delivery of the finished package to you
Client workspace
Special events coverage
Production support
Several camera crews
Editing suite
Single camera indoor and outdoor live studio
Documentary making
Press visa

WANA produces its contents based on your needs and requests, delivering them to you in the most convenient way. Enjoying an experienced team, we present up-to-date technologies in the field of news, in order to give you access to footages of every event to take place in Iran. Our experience, in addition to our prime access all across the country, guarantees best services provided by WANA. Furthermore, we own a very rich and diverse archive you will have access to, through booking by date and subject, and we deliver the materials in promptest way possible. CONTACT US

WANA Coverage Is Broadcast Everywhere


Many events occur daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly in Iran, and they attract global attention: stunning significant events constantly observed by our team.

As a vast and important country in the region with a big volume of political news, high-ranking authorities from around the world visit Iran frequently. Moreover, there are numerous entertainment, cultural, scientific and sports events of significant attractiveness for international audiences. Upon possible requests, we will daily update you with these programs and important events. We will also help you explore significant events on this website. For more information on every events, and to find out how we would cover them, please contact us by e-mail or phone. CONTACT US


Coronavirus In Iran (17)


Rumors and fake news about coronavirus only make people more scared. Our mission is to bring you the right and complete news. Coronavirus is a global threat and Iran has also faced it as well. WANA teams covers most of the important stories about the coronavirus on a daily basis and we are also prepared to provide you with LIVE programs. WANA studio and analysts are ready 24/7.
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US sanctions against Iran

The story of US sanctions against Iran is a perpetual story. WANA is monitoring the effects of the sanctions closely and continuously. We will cover all big events and stories related to Sanctions and economic issues. Also, we are fully prepared to provide you with LIVE programs. WANA studio and analysts are ready 24/7.

Iran on the Track to Scale Back its Nuclear Deal Commitments

Iran's nuclear case has been in focus since the beginning. Nuclear tensions between Iran and the West are on the rise. Iran has no plans to succumb to maximum pressure policy of the US. The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says Iran is determined to reduce more of its commitments under the 2015 multinational nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA, in response to the US’s exit until the Islamic Republic achieves the desired results. WANA team monitors Iran's nuclear news closely and is ready to provide any possible footage, alongside having access to best analysts to be presented at WANA studio for your programs.

Given our familiarity with suitable subjects in the land of mysteries – Iran – WANA enjoys a great deal of experience in production and coordination of making a wide range of documentaries.


At WANA we can fully accomplish all services and eliminate your concerns regarding VISA, RECCE, EQUIPMENTS, ACCOMODATION, TRANSPORTATION, COORDINATION and OBTAINING REQUIRED PERMIT LETTERS, etc. in the best possible way. CONTACT US

WANA live studios

Who in the media stream would be comfortable with missing LIVE coverage of a major event and professional analyses from inside Iran? You can rely on our LIVE services and equipment.

Live outdoor and indoor studio services are among the most substantial requests received from media around the world, for which our studio in Tehran partakes a great deal of experience. WANA is ready to broadcast you live 24/7 upon your request through TVU equipment, in reasonable live coverage costs. Covering live events, as well as taking care of scheduling and transportation of our invited experts are included in our live services. We have a list of the best Iranian analyzers with English, Arabic and other main languages skills working with us for years. Considering the need for prior arrangements to cover live events, your early request in advance can help us very much in organizing everything as expected. We: CONTACT US

Receiving requests
Planning – crewing
Single camera indoor / outdoor studios

Photos from inside Iran reveal secrets of the society and different aspects of life, thanks to WANA’s professional photo artists.

WANA Photo – Print

Other than our expertise in news video production and broadcast, WANA is pleased to work with professional photographers and writers as well. Our professional staff observe and cover all significant events along with video broadcasting. Our photo team enjoys a strong experience of working with different international media and to date, they have covered hundreds of events and delivered them to our clients all around the world. You can send your booking request in ease, and our team will take care of it promptly. CONTACT US