WANA (July 8)—After about a month of participating in the second round of presidential elections, Iranians were finally able to elect a new president.

Masoud Pezeshkian was elected as the ninth president of Iran with the majority of the votes.


Pezeshkian became widely known for his efforts to improve healthcare services and his involvement in the legislative process to support public health initiatives. His personal life has also drawn public attention, especially following the tragic loss of his wife and one of his children in a car accident many years ago. Despite this personal tragedy, he chose not to remarry and instead focused on raising his remaining children and serving the public.


In a recent presidential election, Pezeshkian ran as a candidate and was elected as the ninth president of Iran, receiving the majority of the votes. His campaign emphasized his dedication to healthcare, social justice, and support for marginalized communities, resonating with many voters across the country.