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When large fortunes fall into the hands of some people, they become strong in the light of it, and in the shadow of strength and wealth they dream that they can live out of their homeland and be happy and proud, they will soon realize that they have made mistakes, and the greatness of every nation On the ruins of his homeland and cease!

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Khalid Hosseini writes in the wind of the wind: the little man whispered in the ears of his newly mature child’s ear: ‘My son, you never rob you of life.’ The boy looked at the father with astonishment, in the sense that he never had a crooked father. He looked smiling and continued: ‘Do not lie in your life, because if you said you stole honesty, do not betray if you have stolen love, do not violate if you have stolen your love, do not tell if you You have stolen the right, do not despise if you have stolen your honor … so do not steal in life!