WANA (Mar 28) – Various media announced that in line with diplomatic efforts to establish relations between Iran and Bahrain and to exchange delegations between the two countries, a delegation from Bahrain is going to travel to Iran.


Some Bahraini sources also announced that recently a delegation from Iran traveled to Bahrain and visited the Iranian embassy in Manama.


Iran and Bahrain are two neighboring countries situated in the Middle East. Despite their geographical proximity, Iran and Bahrain differ significantly in terms of size, population, and political system. Additionally, the two countries have had some tension in the past due to different religious and political worldviews.


There have been official talks between Iran and Bahrain in the past, although the relationship between the two countries has been strained in recent years. Bahrain has accused Iran of interference in its internal affairs, while Iran has expressed displeasure with Bahrain’s close relationship with Saudi Arabia and the United States.


In 2019, Bahrain’s foreign minister met with his Iranian counterpart, and both sides expressed their willingness to improve relations. The talks were aimed at reducing tensions and promoting cooperation on issues such as trade, security, and counterterrorism.