WANA (Nov 23) – It was expected that something new and important will be said in today’s press conference of Iran’s Foreign Minister in Tehran. News to the extent that, the nuclear negotiations have resumed or to tell behind the scenes of the JCPOA possible agreement or tell how Tehran intends to punish the countries that intervene in Iran’s affairs. What was said was a repetition of Iran’s previous positions. MORE


In the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, a minister who has many years of experience in political activity, especially in the field of West Asian countries, began his speech by complaining about some neighboring countries that have displayed wrong political behavior by equipping rioters in the recent protests in Iran. He specifically announced that 76 terrorist and counter-revolutionary centers were activated in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and brought Israeli and American weapons into the country.

The involvement of the United States and European countries along with Israel and Saudi Arabia in the recent riots is not hidden from any political analysts and activists in the security fields. The West has supported the recent riots in the streets of Tehran in various ways. Tehran repeatedly warned the intervening countries and summoned the ambassadors of some intervening countries such as France and Germany to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Abdullahian, Iran’s FM considers the wrong understanding of the events in Iran to be the reason for the 43-year-old calculation error of the West on the issue of Iran. “The three European countries, the United States and the Zionists did not have a correct understanding of the developments and events ( in Iran) and made many interventions in the media fields and political comments.” Amir Abdollahian said.


Dr. Abdollahian stated that he has reminded the western parties how much restraint the Iranian police have shown in dealing with rioters in the recent riots. He said that more than 50 of our police and security forces were martyred by rioters with cold weapons and firearms. Tehran does not consider the West to be honest in pursuing human rights issues but believes that they have a black history of colonizing nations and countries.


Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian speaks during a news conference in Tehran, Iran November 23, 2022. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)


A report on the latest status of Iran’s nuclear negotiations was another part of the Iranian Foreign Minister’s speech. “Despite the non-constructive positions of the three European countries and the Americans in the last eight weeks, the Islamic Republic of Iran had a dialogue with the American side through the European Union and some mediators on its agenda in order to cancel the sanctions.” Iran’s FM said. The fact that it is still possible to hope for nuclear negotiations and that efforts to revive the JCPOA are still ongoing were among the promising parts of the Iranian Foreign Minister’s speech. Tehran still believes that it will not allow the opposite parties (5+1) to ignore Iran’s red lines in negotiations. Some countries thought that in the situation that has happened to Iran in recent days (protests), maybe Tehran will back down from its demands. Today, the foreign minister considered this idea wrong and announced that Tehran will not back down at all. “During some of the turbulent days in Iran, the American side thought we were at a point where we would cross our red lines. But we told the American side that we are ready to reach a good and stable agreement within the framework of observing our red lines.” Dr Abdollahian addressed.


The Iranian authorities have never considered the activities of the nuclear agency to be useful for Iran’s nuclear programs and have always believed that this organization has been doing its best to disrupt Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities during the previous decades. . From assassinating nuclear scientists to obstructing the procurement of new equipment and disclosing secret information for sabotage, etc… these are part of the accusations that Tehran considers against the IAEA. Amir Abdullahian reminded again today in this conference that the atomic agency is doing political activities for the interests of western countries rather than having technical activities.



Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian attends a news conference in Tehran, Iran November 23, 2022. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)


Another important issue that is raised these days is accusing Iran of selling drones to Russia for use in the Ukraine war. Tehran considers this accusation to be a part of the West and the Israelis’ agenda to expand the policy of Iran-phobia. Iranian officials have repeatedly rejected the claims of the western parties in this matter and stated that they are ready to meet with Ukrainian military experts to present their reasons for rejecting these claims. It seems that this meeting was finally held in the previous days. Iran’s foreign minister emphasized this news in this conference and said “So far, no evidence has been presented to us by the Ukrainian side regarding the use of Iranian drones. Recently, the political and military teams of Iran and Ukraine talked to each other in a third country, and we are continuing our investigations in this regard.”


Amir Abdullahian emphasized that Tehran is strongly against war to solve the problems between Russia and Ukraine. He stated that Russia has repeatedly informed Iran that it will not use Iranian military equipment in this war. “The Russians clearly told us that only Russian-made weapons were used in the war against Ukraine. Of course, we are dissatisfied with the continuation of the war against Ukraine and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and we do not consider war as a solution.” Dr. Abdollahian stated.

writer : R.Ganji