WANA (June 28) – Acting Foreign Minister Bagheri’s Speech Highlights the Power of Islamic Democracy on Election Day


In a speech delivered on the day of the fourteenth presidential election of Iran at the Election Headquarters Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Bagheri emphasized the significance of elections as a celebration of Islamic democracy and a vital manifestation of the Iranian people’s power.


Bagheri highlighted that the components of Iran’s power are not limited to material and hard power alone. While these elements are recognized globally, the enthusiastic and intelligent participation of the people in crucial moments plays an even more vital role. He cited the commemoration ceremonies for the martyrs of the “May flight” as an example where the world witnessed the strategic understanding, national solidarity, and unity of the Iranian people.


Despite the country facing a problematic situation and the sudden loss of the president and several high-ranking officials in an accident, the Iranian people turned this threat into a significant opportunity for the progress of the Islamic Revolution. Forty days after this unfortunate incident, the people’s passion and intelligence were again displayed. They added another medal to the honors of Islamic democracy in the Islamic Republic, creating unique conditions.


WANA - Iran's presidential election 2024

WANA – Iran’s presidential election 2024