WANA (June 28) – Joe Biden, the current President, and Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, Attack Each Other in their First Debate about critical subjects about Iran, the Gaza War, Ukraine, the US Economy, the Environment, and NATO the Main Topics Discussed by the Current and Former Presidents.


Engaged in a verbal clash over Iran and its regional power during the first 90-minute November 5 presidential election debate, held at CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.
When Biden and Trump entered the CNN studio for the debate, they did not shake hands. The last time these two candidates met in a debate was in 2020 when they also did not shake hands due to COVID-19 protocols. They did not even nod at each other as a sign of respect.


In the first electoral debate, Joe Biden, the current Democratic President, criticized the foreign policy of his Republican rival, Donald Trump. Biden said, “During Trump’s era, Iran attacked our (Ain al-Assad) base, and Trump did nothing.”


The current President continued his attacks on Trump, saying, “Trump said that ‘only a few soldiers got headaches.'”
Biden also stated, “I was the one who mobilized the world to defend Israel against Iran’s missile attacks.”


However, former President Donald Trump accused Biden of being passive towards Iran and claimed, “During my term, Iran was bankrupt. They had no money to give to terrorism and couldn’t fund Hamas.”