WANA (Jan04)  – Yousef Nouri, Minister of Education, announced that since 1403 (2025), several languages, including Chinese and German, have been added as optional subjects to the educational programs of our country’s schools.


The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, warned the education system a few years ago that insisting on learning English as the only foreign language in schools is not acceptable. “This insistence on promoting the English language in our country is a wrong thing. Yes, one should know a foreign language, but a foreign language that is not only English, the language of science that is not only English. Why don’t they designate other languages as language subjects in schools? What is this insistence?…” Khamenei said.


The Supreme Leader of Iran is more concerned about the influence of western culture with the spread of English language in Iran. “pay attention. [Of course] I am not saying that tomorrow we will go to suspend the English language in schools; No, that’s not what I mean; The point is to know what we are doing; Let’s know how they (Western countries) wants to raise a generation in this country, and with what characteristics.” Khamenei stated.


In Iran, most schools promote learning English. It can be said that over 90% of schools teach English as the only foreign language.


The number of institutions, schools or universities that teach Arabic, French, German, Spanish and Chinese languages is very rare.

Students and their teacher wearing protective gear to help prevent spread of the coronavirus attend their classroom at Al-Mahdi School inl Tehran, Iran September 5, 2020. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)