WANA (July 08) – Nasser Kanaani, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said this morning at his press conference with various domestic and foreign media:


I congratulate both the government for holding this election and the great nation of Iran for creating this magnificent chapter. I also extend my congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Pezeshkian, the President-elect of Iran, for successfully gaining the trust of the great Iranian nation inside and outside the country.


The diplomatic apparatus and the dedicated personnel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will utilize all their professional and expert capacities, as well as their outstanding abilities in politics and foreign relations, to assist the President-elect in achieving his goals and programs and in realizing the national interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


The government and the Islamic Consultative Assembly will plan the inauguration ceremony. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will execute the program.


As in previous terms, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will utilize all its capabilities and professional experiences to actively and effectively participate in the inauguration ceremony, leveraging its diplomatic and professional capacities.


Planning is underway, and the diplomatic apparatus will exert its utmost effort. Further information will be provided in the future.