WANA (Mar 27) – These days, general strikes have found a new form in European countries. The approval of the economic reforms proposed by President Emmanuel Macron has caused a new round of unrest and street protests and strikes in railway, transportation, petrochemical, schools, universities, and offices in France.


In Germany, a new round of general strikes is coming due to the insistence of Olaf Scholz, the Prime Minister of Germany and the coalition government of this country, which will also show itself in the form of street protests in Berlin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, and Cologne.


In England, the economic reforms of Rishi Sunak’s government have futile and have provoked public anger towards the conservative party. Trade unions have announced they will soon start public protests in response to these adverse and inhibiting policies.

↑A clip that has not been shown on the vast majority of our mainstream broadcast media. The police get stuck into the protesters in Paris.


In the face of this large volume of turmoil and strikes, the police and security authorities in France, Germany, and England have threatened to suppress the cons, and arrest them.


The common point of recent developments in the European Union is the lack of persuasion of public opinion regarding economic reforms, and beyond, the significant gap exists between governments and nations in the green continent.

In such a situation, the focus of people like Macron, Olaf Scholz, and Rishi Sunak on the conditions of other countries and nations, including Iran, is considered a kind of run forward to portray the reverse of the current events in Europe.


What is being censored today in the media affiliated with the social democratic and conservative parties in Europe is public dissatisfaction and protests, whose scope is expanding day by day.


These media do not make the slightest reference to the extensive repression of the police and the increasing threats of the western security institutions towards the strikers and protesters, but when it comes to “Iran”, the story is alltogether different!


Although the players of the hidden and open arena of power in Europe made a lot of flagrant efforts to stabilize the street riots and their continuation in Iran, in the end, we witnessed the establishment of calm and peace throughout Iran until now.


Since then, the European authorities have continuously subjected Iran to propaganda attacks and political threats by issuing various statements and resolutions under pretenses. Even behind the scenes, they created obstacles in the path of restoring diplomatic relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and other actors (non-European actors) in the international system, but they failed again in confronting Iran.

↑This is not Syria or Libya -This is France. Protests against Macron’s pension reform have become widespread and violent.


Today, the European authorities are creating a false image regarding the current crisis in their countries and the current stable situation in Iran. But these images will be defeated by reality one day!


Now the Europeans, on the one hand, are openly hiding what is happening in their countries, and on the other hand, they are talking about a crisis in Iran that has no example or symbol to explain it. It is the double policy we have seen many times from the European authorities.

Everyone remembers that after the withdrawal of the former US government from the nuclear agreement with Iran, the Europeans, on the one hand demanded the survival of the JCPOA in their statements, and on the other hand, they became Washington’s pawns in applying the maximum pressure strategy against the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Undoubtedly, there is no place left for the Europeans to continue this game, and they (European actors) must pay for this confrontation and all-out confrontation with Iran.

Hanif Ghaffari, senior expert in international relations. university professor


By Hanif Ghaffari,

senior expert in international relations.

university professor