WANA (June 24) -Shoayb Bahman, an international affairs expert, in a recent interview regarding the presidential elections and the debates among candidates, he said:”The recent three sessions bore no resemblance to a debate  The candidates lack good advisors in the field of foreign policy


These discussions do not resemble a debate at all. The only thing the candidates expressed was their views, and no solutions were presented in any field. By solution, I mean a long-term strategy that can create a future for the audience.


The same situation exists in foreign policy. Only general points are expressed; for example, if a candidate seeks to revive the JCPOA (joint comprehensive plan of action) and advance it, he must somehow explain how he wants to pursue it. Or, if a candidate believes that the JCPOA was ineffective, he should explain precisely what alternative he has in his agenda.


Also, it should be clear what view each candidate has regarding the world powers or neighboring countries and what policy is going to be implemented. Today, we are involved in a war in the West Asia region but none of the candidates have expressed their opinion about it.


If you pay attention to the candidates’ statements, you will see that everyone talks about the past, the current situation, and problems, but none of them gives precise solutions for the problems.

In any case, people should know what program they want to vote for.


WANA - Campaigning of presidential candidates

WANA – Campaigning of presidential candidates