WANA (June 29) – The final results of the fourteenth presidential election in Iran have been announced.


According to official announcements, the voting statistics are as follows:

Total Votes Counted: 24,735,185


1. Masoud Pezeshkian: 10,415,191 votes
2. Saeed Jalili: 9,473,298 votes
3. Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf: 3,383,340 votes
4. Mostafa Pourmohammadi: 206,397 votes



Spokesperson of the Iran’s election headquarters annonced:


“None of the candidates managed to secure a majority of votes. The first and second candidates of this round will be introduced to the Guardian Council.


According to the law, after confirmation by the Guardian Council, next Friday, 15th of Tir, will be set as the date for the second round of elections.”