WANA (DEC 29) – Four members of the sabotage group related to the Zionist regime, who had committed extensive acts against Iran’s security under the guidance of Mossad service officers, were executed this morning after going through the legal process.


Not long ago, the news of the capture of 10 agents related to Israel was published. The members of this group, with the direct guidance of Mossad spy officers, were trying to identify the forces that worked with the country’s security departments and intended to extract their information through kidnapping, threatening, and beating them.

Israel's sabotage team


This network has carried out its moves in different cities, including Tehran, Minab, and Tabriz, under the guidance of the Mossad intelligence service. These people had even tried to physically remove and assassinate the security and intelligence forces of the Islamic Republic in some cases, which was unsuccessful.


The four first-tier defendants, Vafa Honare, Aram Omri, Rahman Parhazou, and Nasim Namazi, were executed today, and the rest were sentenced to 10 years of prison.