Hamas man in Tehran

How does the Hamas man in Tehran see the third parties’ role in the Gaza-Israel conflict?

WANA exclusive interview with Khaled Qaddoumi, Hamas representative in Tehran.


WANA (Nov 28) – The Hamas representative in Tehran attributes all the fighting and military operation that was executed on the 7th of October to no military or political party other than Palestinians.


Praising the Palestinian people for the innovation and the fighting maneuver that succeeded in arriving at the military bases of Israel inside “our occupied land,” he stated that the so-called storm of Al Aqsa_ the series of coordinated attacks, led by the Palestinian Islamist militant group Hamas, from the Gaza Strip into bordering areas in Israel_ “was a pure Palestinian operation” and that no other country, but Palestine has been involved whether in the planning or the execution part of the 7th October operation.


Qaddoumi deemed Iran’s diplomatic measures essential and influential in paving the way for a ceasefire. Pointing to the fact that Iran has been militarily, politically, diplomatically, and financially with Hamas even long before the war started, Qaddoumi endorsed “Iran’s holistic approach in believing in the justice of our [Palestinian] cause.”


He furthermore continues that participation in the mitigation of the Palestinian suffering should not be only limited to Iran but requires the engagement of any “free voices” to the problem.


The existing unprecedented humanitarian crisis demands the participation of every state to push back the occupation and grant independence to Palestine.


The existing dichotomy between the officials and the people in the Arab world is the next issue to talk about. Qaddoumi hoped that a lot of much more “precise and effective” work had to be taken place by the Arab states to pressure Israel to stop the mass killing of the Palestinians.



With two billion Muslims around the world and a considerable amount of resources, diplomatic power, and influence, much is expected from the Muslim community overall. “A different political approach that is proportionate to the suffering of the people is needed,” Qaddoumi believes. He expressed optimism that the recent Arab Islamic summit resolution, hosted by Saudi Arabia, should be fully adhered to and implemented.


In response to the United States’ role in the present confrontation, Hamas representatives in Tehran openly blamed the US for standing side by side with the Israeli government.


Concerning the two horrific military bombardments of Al-Wafa and al-Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip, as well as the 4th of November, Israeli conducted airstrikes on the al-Fakhoora school in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, which was being used as a shelter by the United Nations Refugee Agency in which resulted in death of at least 15 people and injury of 70, Qaddoumi castigates the United States to greenlight to Israeli to such a attack, if not directly participating in the operations, It was another vital moment to point out.


Qaddoumi expressed regret to Anthony Blinken’s two recent official visits to Tel Aviv, which happened concomitantly with the hospitals and school massacres inside Gaza. He furthermore criticized The United States for embracing the same Israeli narrative. “Tel Aviv as like wrote the two speeches of Joe Biden; nothing was mentioned about the humanitarian crisis that was happening inside Qaza, the international law and what Palestinian people want,” he says. Keeping silent on the betterment of Palestinian life, he believes that the US positions on the conflict are aggravating today’s humanitarian crisis in Qaza.


Regarding the question of the positions taken by the political establishment in the West and the people living in those countries, Qaddoumi showed gratitude that the masses all over the world are paying care and attention to the Palestinian cause. Yet, in his view, the official stances of the Western countries need to be proportionate and satisfying.


“Unfortunately, the blood is speaking today; it is the brutality of Israeli forces against the Palestinian people that affected the masses, he pointed out.


Qaddoumi continues by saying:” People came to the street because they no longer can tolerate this blood-shedding of Palestinian people inside Gaza and are [thus] revolting against the [mainstream] policy of their government vis a vis supporting Israel.”


Hamas representative in Tehran linked Israeli war crimes to the Nazi’s criminal acts by saying that “Neo Nazis are exercising 21st century Holocaust against our people in Palestine.” That is why Qaddoumi believes public opinion around the world has been against the Israeli narrative while in favor of the Palestinian narrative.

WANA / Writing by M. BaeidiNejad. Contributed by E,Assar & N, Safarzadeh

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