An official at Iran’s House of Industry, Mine and Trade said that $7.5 billion worth of non-oil products was exported from the country overseas in the first two months of the current Iranian calendar year (March to April).

Iran Non-Oil Products

Some $3.73 billion of non-oil products were exported to the neighboring countries, accounting for 50% of the non-oil export share, Rouhollah Latifi, spokesman for the Trade Promotion Commission of the House of Industry, Mine and Trade stated.

He said that more than 13 million tons of non-oil products, valued at over $7 billion, were exchanged between Iran and neighboring countries from March to April 2023, accounting for 51 and 48.3 percent share of the country’s non-oil goods in terms of weight and value respectively.

From the 21 million tons of non-oil goods exported from the country from March to April 2023, more than 10 million tons, valued at over $3 billion, were exported to the neighboring states, Latifi stated.

Turning to Iran’s first export target markets, the spokesman added that 14 countries out of 15 neighbors imported non-oil goods from Iran which included Iraq, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Afghanistan respectively.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Latifi pointed to the import of non-oil products from its neighbors and added, of the total of more than 4 million tons of products, valued at over $7 billion, 2,989,000 tons, valued at more than $3 billion, were imported from the neighboring states.


SOURCE: Tasnim