WANA (Feb 20) –  Naser Kanani, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, stated that Iran has not attacked an Israeli oil tanker and that this is an accusation made by Israel.


The tanker in question is a Liberian-flagged vessel which according to Israel was hit by an airborne object on February 10th in the Arabian Sea in what Israel is calling a strike on “international freedom of navigation.”



In his weekly press conference, Kanani spoke of the Munich Security Conference, where the Islamic Republic had no official representatives and the floor was instead given to opposition like Reza Pahlavi, son of the former Shah, and Masih Alinejad, an exiled journalist, among others.

Kanani stated that the Munich Security Conference gave way to “warmongers” instead of promoting security as its mission statement tells.


The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman added that “important nations such as Iran and Russia” were not present at the conference and the conference had “insulted the people of Iran” by not inviting officials from the country.


The Munich Security Conference was held from February 17-19 and hosted prominent members of the newly-formed coalition opposing the Islamic Republic, with no sign of IR representatives.