• “We are witnessing change in the balance of power in politics, security, and international matters in the world. We no longer have such a thing as a unipolar world. The United States is no longer known as a superpower. Yes, it can be seen as a power but no longer a superpower.”


  • “The person [Reza Pahlavi] you [the journalist asking the question] have named is neither himself, nor his trip itself, and nor the place he is travelling to [Israel] have any value for me to want to announce a stance upon from this podium.”


  • “The relationship between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia has its own unique qualities and has no relation to the JCPOA.”


  • “The Saudi Arabian King’s invitation of President Raisi has been received. In exchange the president has both written a response and reciprocated this invitation by inviting him [the Saudi king] to travel to Iran.”


  • “Based on the talk I had with some legal analysts, this verdict [the Ukraine Flight PS752 incident trial] was based on the Chicago convention, according to which Iran acted responsibly towards the incident, and also as the country where the incident occurred, Iran acted based on its own laws.”


Naser Kanani, spokesman for the Iranian ministry of foreign affair, held his weekly press conference today April 17th where he mentioned the improving relations with Saudi Arabia and the decline of the US as a superpower.


Kanani said: “We are witnessing a change in the balance of power in the world and we no longer have such a thing as a unipolar world.” He added that the era of the United States’ status as a superpower has ended.


The spokesman also mentioned the newly rekindled diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, affirming that the agreement between the two countries is independent of nuclear talks. Kanani also said that President Raisi has invited the Saudi King Salman to visit Iran after the Saudi king had invited him to Saudi Arabia previously.


Kanani said talks to revive a nuclear deal are still ongoing and stressed that Raisi’s cabinet has since the beginning emphasized they will “not tie the economy and people’s lives to the JCPOA.”


Journalists at the presser also asked the foreign ministry official about the upcoming trip to Israel by Reza Pahlavi, son of Iran’s last monarch Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Kanani stated that “neither him, nor his trip, and nor the place he is traveling to matter for me to want to take a stance behind this podium about.”


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Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Naser Kanaani speaks in his weekly press conference in Tehran, Iran, March 13, 2023. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)