WANA (July 04)The Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution has described Iranians’ participation in Friday’s presidential runoff vote as the backbone of the Islamic Republic and a source of pride.


“People’s participation is the backbone of the Islamic Establishment. It is a source of honor and pride. The larger the voter turnout, the more robust the Establishment will become.


The country will be able to see its intentions and objectives realized both within the country and in its broader strategic framework. This is a great opportunity for the country.”

The Leader made the remarks during a meeting with academics at Shahid Motahari University in Tehran.


Highlighting the importance of the second round of the presidential election, Ayatollah Khamenei added those who love Islam, the Islamic Republic, and the progress of the nation should demonstrate their support by casting their ballots.


He said voter turnout in the first round of the election was not what had been anticipated. The Leader, however, asserted that it is wrong to assume that those who did not vote are against the Islamic Establishment.


WANA – Presidential Election 05 July 2024