WANA (June 19)—All candidates in the upcoming Iranian presidential election have scheduled programs called roundtables to present their views and answer public questions on various fields, such as cultural, economic, and political issues. Here are the essential parts of these candidates’ comments from their cultural sessions.

The presidential election will be held on June 28, 2024.



– There should be openings regarding the internet and cyberspace, but with active and intelligent governance.
– Development and progress are interconnected with culture; without addressing cultural priorities, we cannot progress.
– Women and family are the most critical priorities in cultural issues. Women are the most crucial element of the family, which is the foundation of society. Culture is the most feminine element of society.



– My core and central idea in all areas is the implementation of the constitution.
– Western freedom is a trap designed to empty people’s pockets and deprive society of absolute freedom.
– Our girls and daughters are not a problem; they are our hope. As a father of three daughters, I know how sweet they are.


A symbolic ballot box for the presidential election is seen in a street in Tehran, Iran June 13, 2024. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)


– Hijab and internet filtering are not security issues but cultural issues.
– The hijab bill in parliament has not yet been finalized. I believe that the current situation is not 100% correct. As long as there is a law, it should be implemented, but laws can be corrected. There is criticism of the hijab bill, and the law can be amended, but it must be implemented while it exists.
– If someone understands that culture leads to development, they will not limit or minimize its role.



– Culture is the strength of Islam and the Islamic Revolution in Iran; our revolution is a cultural revolution. Today, the world misunderstands humanity severely.
– We should not allow security thinking to overshadow culture and art. All military and security forces should contribute to the growth of cultural and social fields. Culture should not be in the hands of politicians and security forces.
– Streets should be places to respect people, not to arrest or coerce them. If women are placed in managerial positions, they will undoubtedly achieve many successes.



– I pay special attention to the family issue and have named my government the Government of People and Family.
– The best judges for maintaining the well-being of the internet and cyberspace are the people.
– The most significant task of the government is to gain the people’s trust and preserve social capital.


By WANA writer