WANA (July 17) – Naser Kanani, spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, held his weekly press conference on July 17th, where he made the following statements:


  • “Regarding the responsible return of all parties to the JCPOA, the American government must commit to its responsibilities about the JCPOA and commitments and fulfill them.”


  • “The negotiation process (between US and Iran) is still open and can be pursued through diplomatic approaches.”


  • ” The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly declared that it is not a party to the war in Ukraine. We believe in a political solution and approach to this crisis(the war in Ukraine ) and continue to emphasize this issue.”


  • ” And we consider any action by any party to fuel the fire of war (war between Ukraine and Russia)  neither in the interest of Ukraine, nor in the interest of Russia, nor the interest of the global community.”