WANA (Apr 27) – Iranian army’s public relations statement about the seizure of The Marshall Islands oil tanker in the Oman Sea.



  • The accident of an unknown ship with an Iranian vessel in the north of the Indian Ocean led to the loss of two people and the injury of several other people from the crew of this vessel. The unknown ship fled from the location against international regulations to help the tanker and the injured.


  • Immediately after the request to rescue the damaged Iranian vessel, the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the form of the International Maritime Security Center located in Chabahar, intercepted and identified the unknown ship.


  • In this operation, after intercepting all passing ships in the region, the army navy noticed that the system of sending the automatic global position of an unknown ship was off, and it changed its routes frequently.


  • The Iranian Navy became suspicious of that ship, so by permission of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s judicial authorities, during a heliborne operation, the mentioned ship was seized and directed towards the territorial waters of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


  • It is necessary to mention that the ship is an oil tanker and a cargo carrier belonging to the United States of America, and was sailing under the flag of the Marshall Islands.
Oil Tanker

A member of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Navy attends a joint naval military drill between Iran, Russia, and China in the Gulf of Oman, Iran, in this picture obtained by Reuters on March 18, 2023. Iranian Army/WANA (West Asia News Agency)