WANA (July 09) – Dr. Hassan Salarieh, Deputy Minister and Head of the Iranian Space Organization, said at the first International Lithium Battery Conference in Iran:


“The space industry has experienced a significant positive leap in recent years. With the support from the government for the development of indigenous space technology, the transition of space technology from a research phase to an industrial phase has begun.


During this process, not only were many incomplete projects finalized, but various new projects in the fields of remote sensing and telecommunications were also initiated, which will soon be completed.


With numerous research and operational launches and achieving significant successes, the technology for launching and placing satellites into orbits up to 750 kilometers in altitude has been stabilized in the country.


This will pave the way for accelerated growth and development of the country’s space industry in the coming years.


The growth witnessed in the space industry can drive development and attract and retain skilled professionals in other fields and industries.


By the grace of God, several satellites are now ready for launch, and as in previous years, their launches will proceed. God willing, in the coming weeks, according to the coordinated plans, we will witness new launches.

WANA - Chabahar Space Base

WANA – Chabahar Space Base