WANA (Jun 3) – On the 34th anniversary of Ayatollah Khomeini’s passing, the President of Iran, Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, made remarks at Khomeini’s shrine.


  • “Many powers have disappeared, like the Soviet Union, or are declining, like the United States.”


  • “Many powers in the world today recognize the influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a power due to the blessing of the blood of martyrs and the efforts of the people.”
  • “The country’s military power is a deterrent, and today the Islamic Republic speaks the best and most influential words in the region in the political field.”


  • “We are proud of the progress of the military and nuclear industries, but these are not the only things that create power.”


  • “Imam Khomeini had a transformative and functional view of religion and believed religion can govern the society.”