WANA (July 04) – Ali Matinfar, the acting head and chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in London, emphasized that necessary measures have been taken to protect Iranian voters in the second round of the presidential elections and warned that any elements disrupting the election process would be dealt with.


In an interview with an IRNA reporter in London, he said: “We have taken the necessary precautions and are in contact with the police. The police have committed to addressing those who act outside the framework and insult voters.”


Matinfar continued that the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran also collects evidence and documents of insults to voters during the first round of elections. “We have issued a notice and designated an email for any Iranians who were insulted or threatened to provide us with the evidence.”


The chargé d’affaires mentioned that meetings have been held with the British Foreign Office and the Diplomatic Police, adding that this documentation will be provided to the British side for follow-up to ensure the security of Iranian citizens.