WANA (June 20) – For the first time in the country, Shazand Petrochemical Company successfully built a large-volume vessel and reactor made of titanium within the petrochemical complex.


The construction of this reactor began with the collaboration of all technical teams at the Shazand Petrochemical Complex. Once the raw materials were procured, the work was transferred to the repair services unit. This process is now complete, allowing the team to effectively manage time, reduce costs, and avoid shipping problems. Due to the volume and traffic of the cargo, it even prevents the need to transport this equipment outside the complex.


Also, the necessary preparations and requirements for the essential and sensitive operation of de-stressing, which has been successfully coordinated and implemented inside the complex, have been made. After conducting a hydro test with water followed by acid washing, the reactor will move to the installation stage.


By constructing and installing this reactor, the need to prepare raw materials for repairing the old reactor has been eliminated, which reduces additional costs. The unit’s safety level has also increased. In addition, we will not have to deal with the environmental issues related to controlling the emissions of the old reactor.


During the construction of this reactor, unique methods and techniques were employed to ensure strict compliance with standards and principles. These techniques were used for preparation, welding, and operation control and were successfully implemented by the specialists at Shazand Petrochemical.