The Iranian Intelligence Ministry assured the Iranian people that it will investigate carefully the recent health problems of female students, and disclosed that the root causes of some incidents have been unearthed.


The ministry of intelligence issued a statement on Wednesday night, assuring the Iranian nation that it will make all-out efforts to complete the ongoing probe into recent health problems of schoolgirls.


The statement emphasized that the intelligence ministry will provide the Iranian people with the results of investigations on different issues.


“On the health problems of some schoolgirls at some schools throughout Iran in recent weeks, the officers of the ministry kicked off investigating on the issue from the beginning in Qom city and the investigations have been used by other related entities,” the statement read.


“However, the root causes of certain previous incidents were discovered, but the results cannot be generalized to all other cases; so, an interval is needed to reach precise results,” it added.


Following the strong decree by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on the follow-up of the school incidents, as well as President Ebrahim Rayeesi’s presence in the intelligence ministry, the country’s forces assure that they will use all equipment and technical capabilities in order to finalize the probe into the incidents, according to the statement.


The intelligence agents have been facing several challenges and complicated cases so far, and they made all-out efforts and sacrifices to stand against insecurity,it said.

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry also urged the Iranian people, especially parents of the students not to pay attention to foreign media hype and propaganda, which try to disturb tranquility of the Iranian society, it added.


The Iranian Interior Minister has reported that the country’s security agents have detained several individuals in connection with the mysterious poisonings of female students.


Hundreds of cases of respiratory distress have been reported in the past months among Iranian schoolgirls in several cities, with some needing hospital treatment. In most cases, students suffered respiratory problems, nausea, fatigue and dizziness.


Mohammad Hassan Asafari, a member of the parliamentary fact-finding committee, has confirmed that around 230 schools in 25 out of Iran’s 31 provinces have been affected, and that more than 5,000 schoolgirls and boys have been poisoned.

The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran - Social Media

The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Social Media

On Monday, Ayatollah Khamenei called on Iranian officials to seriously investigate the case, and urged authorities to hand the perpetrators behind the heinous crime the severest punishment possible.


The Leader described the poison attacks affecting hundreds of girls at schools across several cities in Iran as “a major and unforgivable crime”.


“If it is proved that the students were poisoned, the perpetrators of this crime should be severely punished,” he underlined.


The Supreme Leader underscored that “no amnesty” will be offered to such people.


Denouncing the mysterious poisoning cases across Iran as a “crime and an inhumane act” committed by the enemies, President Rayeesi has also called for accurate and timely information on the incidents.


Iran’s president warned on Sunday that the act is “another link in the chain of the enemy’s plots” which has been carried out to create chaos in the country, manipulate public opinion, and instill fear among the students.


The chief executive said the enemy, as part of a psychological war, is “seeking to create stress and anxiety among students and parents so that chaos is formed”.


He stressed the importance of finding the main perpetrators of the act and dealing with them seriously.

Source: FNA