WANA (May 16) – Ali Akbar Mahzon, Director General of the Population Office of the Iranian Statistics Center, announced that “Iran’s population has crossed the border of 85 million people, which is good news and a sign of the dynamism of our country’s population.”


The decrease in the birth rate in Iran has become a crisis in recent years. Population growth in some areas is even below zero percent. Recently, the government of Iran has been seeking to adopt a policy of encouragement in various forms for having children.

Iran population

Some Iranians are seen after recording the statistics of coronavirus in Iran exceeded 5,500 daily cases and more than 300 deaths a day, in a promenade called Chitgar Lake (COVID-19), in the west of Tehran, Iran, October 23, 2020. Picture taken October 23, 2020. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)

“The life expectancy in Iran has now reached 74 years, and the literacy rate has reached 87.6 tenths of a percent, and this human capital contributes to the qualitative growth of the population,” Mahzon said


According to the latest statistics published by the Statistics Center of Iran, the average age of marriage is 24 years for men and 23 years for women. Still, the age of marriage in some metropolitan cities, which are more wealthy than other regions of the country, is, unfortunately, higher than the national average.