WANA (JUNE 30) – Iranian Envoy to Afghanistan, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Attends the Doha Meeting.


Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran’s ambassador and special representative to Afghanistan, announced in a post on “X” that he is leading a delegation to Qatar to attend the third Doha meeting.


He outlined the Iranian delegation’s objectives at the meeting, stating: “Our aim is to clarify our positions, convey Tehran’s concerns regarding Afghanistan, and explain the Islamic Republic of Iran’s humanitarian policies concerning the Afghan nationals present in our country to the United Nations officials and participating countries.”


Kazemi Qomi underscored the urgency of the complex and critical situation in Afghanistan and the region, stressing the need for immediate and comprehensive consultations with all parties involved.


He continued with a note of optimism, expressing hope that the upcoming negotiations will pave the way for a peaceful resolution, alleviating the suffering of the honorable Afghan people and ushering in an era of peace, stability, security, and sustainable development.


The third Doha meeting on Afghanistan begins today (Sunday, July 10). It will last for two days and will include special representatives from at least 22 countries and about eight international organizations.


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