WANA (JULY 01) — Jalili, a presidential candidate of Iran in the first debate of the second round of election, responded to questions about foreign policy as follows:


It is a mistake to limit the world to a few countries when discussing foreign policy. The world has 200 countries.


If we want to gain benefits from those with whom we have the most disagreements, it certainly won’t happen.


We should also take advantage of the differences between other countries; for example, the differences between Russia and Europe have created a market for us in the fruit sector.


We implemented the JCPOA with 15 approvals from international organizations, but the other party withdrew from it.


We should pursue the FATF agreement despite its ambiguous clauses, but we should not hold the country hostage to this issue.


The U.S. State Department spokesperson says their approach towards Iran has failed miserably, but we say that they themselves haven’t wanted to stop Iran’s oil sales.


Regarding FATF and the JCPOA, we are creditors today, not debtors.


WANA – Presidential Election 05 July 2024