WANA (JULY 01) — The candidate for the 14th presidential election in Gorgan mentioned that some people believed the solution to the country’s problems was negotiating with other countries and making concessions.


As a result, concessions were made, but the other side not only did not honour the agreement but ultimately withdrew from it, causing the dollar’s value to increase from 30,000 Rials to 300,000 Rials.


Whenever a country resists, it emerges victorious. In the recent operation, “The Truthful Promise,” despite the Zionist regime and its allies daring to attack our embassy, we were able to retaliate by launching hundreds of rockets, leaving them unable to do anything further.


An Iranian woman gestures at a polling station in a snap presidential election to choose a successor to Ebrahim Raisi following his death in a helicopter crash, in Tehran, Iran, June 28, 2024.Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)