WANA (June 22) – Speaking to students at Sharif University, presidential candidate Jalili stated, “To prevent inflation and improve the economy, we must combat money laundering, and another effective approach is to fight terrorism. Our country is a leader in the fight against terrorism. These were the important issues raised in FATF.”


He also emphasized the importance of addressing students’ questions without relying on political or factional divisions. “We should hold question-and-answer sessions with students from diverse backgrounds to understand their perspectives. By doing so, we can listen to the demands of all students and make informed decisions to solve university problems,” Jalili said.


In the debate, presidential candidate Pourmohammadi discussed the FATF. The main issue was the fight against money laundering, and we had implemented its 39 clauses. He remarked, “Instead of being creditors, friends wanted to become debtors, so we did not go under the burden. I told Pourmohammadi, “Isoyou say this law should be implemented like this, why don’t you implement it yourself?'”


WANA - Iran's presidential election 2024

WANA – Iran’s presidential election 2024