WANA (June 28) – Kanaani’s Response to U.S. Official’s Interfering Remarks on Iran’s Elections


The spokesperson for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote on social media platform X:

“The interfering remarks by the U.S. Deputy Special Representative for Iran Affairs regarding Iran’s presidential election are baseless and a blatant interference.”


“American officials will not gain anything from such worthless statements.”


“Like in the past, the Iranian people will respond firmly to such interfering remarks by actively and enthusiastically participating in the elections.”


Previously, Abram Paley, the U.S. Deputy Special Representative for Iran Affairs, made remarks on social media platform X, accusing the Islamic Republic of Iran. He claimed that the U.S. has no expectation for free and fair elections or any fundamental change in Iran.


In response to these remarks, Kanaani wrote:

“People around the world have seen the effects and outcomes of American democracy within the country itself and in various regions around the globe, and they have tasted its bitter consequences.


For example, the result of American democracy and human rights in the occupied territories are criminals renowned for their occupation, racism, war, bloodshed, and terrorist actions.”


He continued: “If the American democratic system allowed it, the American people would certainly choose better rulers for themselves.”


WANA - Campaigning of presidential candidates

WANA – Campaigning of presidential candidates