WANA (Feb 24) – The head of Iran’s Nuclear Energy Organization, Mohammad Eslami said the Karun nuclear power plant will be built with domestic power in Khuzestan province so that Iran does not need foreigners in this regard.


Mohammad Eslaee on Thursday evening in a ceremony commemorating Maj. Gen. Hossein Kharrazi in the city of Darkhoin Shadegan emphasized that the enemies of the Iranian nation are literally inwardly blind, adding that they think that by sedition they can stop the progress  of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Karun nuclear

Mohammad Eslami the President’s deputy and head of AEOI / WANA News Agency

Referring to the Darkhovin city power plant, Mohammad Islami head of AEOI said: “Darkhovin city is the meeting place for martyrs and thousands of martyrs in this region have donated their lives to protect the country.


He stated: “In honor of the martyrs, Karun nuclear power plant, which is a world register, will be constructed with domestic power in this region so that Islamic Iran does not need foreigners in this field.