WANA (Feb 21) – Following the increase in foreign exchange rates and the increase in commodity prices in recent weeks in Iran, there have been many criticisms of Dr. Raisi’s government. Various individuals and political groups believe that the president’s government has not been able to improve the economic situation, contrary to all the promises it has made.


While implicitly accepting these criticisms, the government considers part of these high prices to be due to the recent protests in the past months and the mischief of the enemies in foreign currency markets.


“We are witnessing a currency war against the people of Iran, when Telegram networks and gambling and currency smuggling channels created numbers that basically did not match the country’s export and import realities.” Khandozi, The economic spokesman of the government said.


Seyed Ehsan Khandouzi, minister of economic affairs and finance of Iran. Aliasghar Mirzazade / WANA News Agency

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, who is also the economic spokesman of Dr. Raisi’s government, reacted to the criticism of some economic experts that the government is trying to compensate for the budget deficit by artificially raising foreign exchange rates and said, “The government has no interest in increasing the exchange rate. Because the government allocates foreign currency income from the sale of oil to provide basic goods…”


The economic spokesman of the government emphasized in his press conference today that the policy of the government in trade exchanges with the main partners is to use local currencies as much as possible to reduce the need for dollars or Euros to zero.


“Until today, the majority of exchanges with China have been based on Yuan, and the use of local currencies instead of dollars and Euros has been welcomed by the Chinese side.” Khandozi said.