Libya’s new ambassador to Tehran Ali Jomah Hassan Fadhil in a meeting to present his credentials to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has called for a serious effort to strengthen bilateral economic relations between the two countries.

Fadhil submitted his credentials to President Raisi on Sunday to lead Tripoli and Tehran to experience a different situation after years of halt of ties.

Since 2011 when the Libyan government was toppled, the North African country has been dealing with problems like a civil war and foreign interference, particularly from North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), so such developments had caused a drop in the level of diplomatic relations between Libya and many other countries worldwide.

In the Sunday meeting, the new Libyan ambassador appreciated the Islamic Republic for its efforts to enhance regional relations.

President Raisi, too, expressed hope that Iran’s relations with the African country would enter a new phase.

Raisi’s government has prioritized the establishment of relations with neighboring countries, African states, and Latin American nations.