WANA (Dec 06)Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence announced in a statement today that has demolished an operational group of Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) which had already launched several terrorist attacks in the country.


Through these attacks, The members of the group fired mortars in several operations against administrative, military, police and residential buildings. As well as causing damage to these places, they created fear and insecurity in the regions.


Smuggling weapons from different borders to Iran for use in riots / WANA / Social Media


After tracking and detecting the group, counter-measures were taken against them in Tehran, Isfahan and Kurdistan leading to the arrest of 10 operational and supportive members of the group.


In their various terrorist attacks, they have thrown hand-made grenades in gatherings and fired mortars at the abovementioned places. At the same time, they were planning more devastating attacks on these areas.


All these terrorist actions were taken through the direct guidance of MKO’s headquarters in Albania. Even the veteran and aged members of MKO were involved in those operations. 


In addition to the arrest of the members of the group, all their weapons and ammunition including mortars, grenades, and explosive materials for producing hand-made grenades as well as pistols, and Molotov cocktails were also discovered and confiscated.