WANA (June 16) — Iran’s advice to the Group of Seven: Steer clear of destructive policies that you had in the past.


Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Nasser Kanaani: “Attempting to correlate the Ukraine war to the cooperation between Iran and Russia is an act with biased political purposes. Some countries are trying to continue sanctions against Iran by making illusory claims.”


We advise the Group of seven to learn from earlier experiences and avoid having destructive policies of the past, he stated.


“Furthermore, he emphasized that as long as you show respect for Iran and its rights, you will receive mutual respect in return. However, if we perceive any threat to our nation, that threat will become an opportunity, and any bold aggressor will be unsuccessful, ultimately regretting their actions.”


WANA - Campaigning of presidential candidates
WANA – Campaigning of presidential candidates